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  • Earring Paper Display Project 4-Easy Steps

    This project is great for craft show displays.
    This display would also look amazing as a shower gift or wedding favor.
    Imagine how your guests would feel receiving something that looks like it took so much time to make.
    Don't worry, I won't tell them how easy it was!
  • Earring Card Project

    Are you crafty?
    Think of how great that special someone will feel.
    Not only having a handmade pair of earrings.
    With a unique card, too!
    Or, create one of a kind packaging that will have your customers coming back!
  • Small Earring Display Frame Project. Great for special gift or special earrings!

    Increase the value of your earrings by adding a small picture frame (check around, you may have one laying around). If not: 
       1) Purchase a small frame.          2) Add your punched card into  frame (without glass).
    That's all!

  • Greeting Cards to Valentines Display

    Don't throw out those old greeting cards! Recycle them into unique Valentines Displays!



     1-Get together old cards+red cardstock.     2-Cut cardstock to size of card.        3-Create a heart cutout.


          4-Cut card to shape.                               5-Glue card to folded cardstock.             6-Cute Valentines Display!

  • Easy Shower Favors

    Earring card displays make great small gifts for bridal or baby showers:

    - Create note card style earring card blanks
    - Place the earring cards into cups of your choice. 
    They can be placed in almost anything - have fun!
  • Display Frame Project


    This is a great, easy idea for framing your earrings in an elegant frame!

    If you are a crafter, you may also have scrapbook paper or similar product that you can use to decorate the frame. 

    - Remove the frame backing
    - Tape the paper to the backing
    - Cut 2 inch decorative strips
    - Punch holes for your earrings with Leverback Punch
    - Tape/secure the decorative strips to the backing
    - Replace the frame backing
    - Display your complete project on a dresser, wall, or table!
  • The Card is the Gift!


    Create earring card displays inside greeting cards the easy way with the Leverback punch!

    - Create your own unique earring card for your piece of jewelry
    - Attach a separate card-stock (pre-punched)
    -Attach card-stock to greeting card.
    **The card displayed above have a peek-a-boo window to see the earrings before opening.  

    I often create earrings and attach them to commercial birthday cards as a quick and easy gift idea!

  • Project-Paint Chip Earring Display


    Simple project idea, use paint samples for earring displays! 
     These are great for displaying at craft shows. It is a easy solution for longer earrings. 
    The hardest part of this project is to find just the right color paint chips!

     Step  1: Place card & punch.      Step  2: Add earrings & fold bottom of card, stand !


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